Flow Together Wednesdays

With the ebb and flow of studio openings and closings, I’ve started off 2021 with live hath-flow classes on my youtube channel every Wednesday morning.

Yes, live. The perfectionist in me resisted doing livestreams because I couldn’t edit out the mistakes, the technical blips, the stumbling over words. However, I know not to let perfect be the enemy of good, so last winter I started up the live flow classes. Livestreams allow for a bit of the connection we find in in-person classes, and not quite as isolating as pre-recorded classes. Be advised, though all levels are welcome, the vinyasa-style class is somewhat more strenuous than a regular hatha class.

So, if your studio is closed or you’d just like to participate led class, I’ll be there every week at least until summer (when I’ll be moving outside). You can still watch some of the previous (unedited) streams from the live tab.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!


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