Lunar Monday Essential Oil Blend

Over on my youtube channel, I’m working on two series of videos–one vinyasa, one yin–to provide a sequence for each day of the week so that by the end of the week we cover all the areas of the body and the principle poses from the respective type of yoga. The organization of each series takes its cues from the symbolism of the days, for Monday, that means the moon (literally “moon-day”). 

To accompany the videos, I crafted oil blends that embrace the symbolism of the day.

Monday Moon Blend

Our brains are wired to respond to symbolism–our ability to craft and use a language is rooted in that hard-wiring. We can consciously surround ourselves with symbols representing specific aspects of our inner and outer worlds to better navigate our lives. As deeply evocative as fragrance is, it would be silly not to harness the symbols of scent.

Monday’s oil blend draws from plants with lunar symbolism. The moon, with its link to the tides and its apparent shift through the sky, draw us into the ebb and flow of our own tides. The moon’s ability to illuminate the night invites us to move inward to illuminate the dark, unexamined crevasses in ourselves.

The nine essential oils (nine being a lunar number) in this blend are all associated with the various phases of the moon. The blend brings together a light airiness as well as a watery depth, with floral notes tying them together. The scent is meant to kindle curiosity and hone focus to explore one’s inner landscape. That way we can start the week with a sense of purpose. 

For topical use, add a few drops to a carrier oil (like rosehip or jojoba) in a roll-on. Apply it to the brow as well as pulse points before your Monday practice. It’s also nice in a diffuser on a Monday morning to get into a smooth moon-day groove.

The Monday Vinyasa flows through a series of twists to get us moving inside and out. The Monday Yin incorporates the symbolism of the Ajna (brow, sixth) chakra to bring us clarity of purpose as we start a new week.


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