Valentine’s Day: Heart and Hips

Like many instructors, I’ve often drawn from holidays to inspire a yoga class. Valentine’s Day naturally lends itself to heart-opening sequences. However, Valentine’s Day is not all about heart chakras. The love celebrated on February 14th has a lot to do with sensuality (dark chocolate, red wine, sexy underwear) and that is sacral charka territory.

A component in passion is finding joy in one’s own body. The title for the sacral chakra is “svadhithana” meaning “one’s own place” or “an abode of one’s own.” Being comfortable in that place heightens one’s sensuality and confidence. Meanwhile, heart-opening poses symbolize expressing love outwardly, sending that joy out into a world that could use it.

So, with that in mind, I developed a flow that goes heavy into the hips while maintaining some of the heart-opening essentials. It’s a mandala flow, meaning it has us facing all four sides of the mat. I recommend doing a 5- to 10-minute warm-up (sun salutation, Tibetans) beforehand.



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